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Ian's new book

introducing Detective William Law deas

is now available around the world.

If you're in Australia or England, Russia or South Africa

you can get this book.

Libraries have started to include it in their collections so

if you'd like to read this book, ask your library to get it.

It's the tale of the murder of a publisher with more enemies than friends.

Detective Will Deas and his partner have to sort through the many

who hated him and would be happy to see him dead.

You'll like Will Deas and his forgiving sense of the world around him

and you'll enjoy how he sorts out the mystery.

Murder Unedited debuted July 30, 2015

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Ian has signed a contract with Camm Crescent Productions Ltd. This award winning Canadian production company thinks Ian's first novel, Necessary Larceny, would make a great movie. They're back from a recent trip to Hollywood excited about the project  and preliminary work on a screenplay has started. Lets hope we'll soon be able to see all the gang on the silver screen soon.