Sneak Previews
Below you will find sneak previews to my books.
Necessary Larceny (Now available as an ebook)

'Necessary Larceny' is going into reprint and will also be available as an ebook in the near future. Watch here for the announcement.

'Necessary Larceny' is a fun story of a gang of seniors living in retirement in Florida who are bilked of their life savings by a gang of slick conmen. When they find authorities can do nothing for them, they decide to get their money back themselves.


Guided by Nick Archer, a car dealer from Canada with just a touch of larceny in his heart, the group starts organizing and plotting their revenge. Nick is joined by his son Alex, a somewhat off the wall owner of a TV commercial set building company, and Jennifer, the beautiful university student granddaughter of one of the retirees.

With nothing but time on their hands, the gang of duped retirees use their computers to track down the crooks to find their next target area. With the location and timing established, plans are finalized by Nick on how they’ll retrieve their money.

The cross country convoy is organized and led by LJ Livingston, a retired Marine officer from Patterson, New Jersey, and Harry Stanton, a retired airline manager out of Chicago. When they finally finish herding their small army twenty-two hundred miles through seven states, some wondered how the two leaders didn’t kill each other.

Necessary Tourist

Alone in the densely forested mountains of tiny Grenada, Rachel Lusinski desperately seeks a way to safety, unaware an army of grandparents from Florida, local volunteers, and police are beating the bushes searching for her. All the while, the man responsible for the search is using her as a pawn to settle a twenty-five year old grudge. Add to this a Police Department and island Government trying to keep the whole incident from ballooning into a nasty international catastrophe.


The history of this quiet nation; once beset by violent government upheaval, assassination, and invasion by a world power, unfolds as the background to a sad tale of revenge. Follow retired Marine officer LJ Livingston, an old invader returning to a place where he waged war, as he searches the jungle tracking not an assassin, but a young girl embroiled in something that happened years before she was born.

'Necessary Tourist' is a story about a group of ordinary seniors doing extraordinary things when they should be relaxing in their retirement. They’ll surprise, amuse and please you.

Murder Unedited
  'Murder Unedited' is available. You can order one now by e-mailing Ian.
  Detective Will Deas had little trouble finding suspects in his new case involving a murdered publisher because there were so many people overjoye at Peter Jefferson's death, Will had difficulty knowing which one to look at first.

Sorting through the victim’s stable of authors, the loan sharks, the cuckolded husbands and all his disgruntled business associates makes this our investigator’s strangest and most challenging case in a long time. Through the gritty backstreets and alleys of industrial Hamilton, Will Deas finds he needs all his thirty-five years of experience solvinge a murder some might consider justifiable homicide.